AC500 Accessories

A broad set of accessories rounds off the many benefits of our compact line. Covering everything from a comprehensive software and visualization package, to programming cables and terminal blocks, ABBs AC500-eCo offers a host of accessories that gives you the power to implement your application economically and in time.

Type For Use With Description Part No.
TK501 AC500 CPUs COM2 Programming cable Sub-D/Sub-D. Length 5 m 1SAP 180 200 R0001
TK502 AC500 CPUs COM1 Programming cable Sub-D/terminal Block. Length 5 m 1SAP 180 200 R0101
MC502 AC500 CPUs Memory card (SD card) 128 MB 1SAP 180 100 R0001
TA521 AC500 CPUs Lithium battery for data buffering 1SAP 180 300 R0001
TA523 I/O Modules Pluggable marker holder (10 pcs.) 1SAP 180 500 R0001
TA524 Terminal Base Dummy communication module 1SAP 180 600 R0001
TA525 Set of 10 white plastic markers 1SAP 180 700 R0001
TA526 CPU terminal Accessories for backplane mounting base (10pcs.) 1SAP 180 800 R0001