CEX-Bus Extension Cable

AC 800M Bus Accessories

Compact Products 800 are built with openness in mind and based on standards to make sure that they can be combined with other products on the automation market. Compact HMI 800, AC 800M controllers with Compact Control Builder, Panel 800, S800L I/O and S800 I/O can all play key roles in your customized control solutions.


Part Type Cable Type Length Part No.
TK850V007 CEX-Bus Extension Cable 0.7 m 3BSC950192R1
TK851V010 Connection Cable 1.0 m. 3BSC950262R1
TK855 RCU Data Link Cable 1.0 m. 3BSC950356R1
TK856 RCU Control Link Cable 1.0 m. 3BSE057021R1


Part Type Terminator Type Connector Type Screw Fixing Part No.
TB850 CEX-Bus Terminator 25-pin DB25P male connector 3BSC950193R1
TB851 CEX-Bus Terminator 25-pin DB25P female connector 3BSC950194R1
TB852 RCU Link Terminator 3BSC950263R1
TB853 RCU Control Link Terminator 3BSE057022R1

Interconnection Units

Part Type Description Includes Part No.
BC810K02 CEX-bus Interconnection Unit
  • BC810, Interconnection Unit, 2 units
  • TP857, Baseplate, width = 60 mm, 2 units
  • TK851, Interconnection Cable
  • TB850, CEX-Bus Terminator, 2 units