S800L Output Modules

With its cost-effective design and just 59 mm depth installation, S800L I/O modules are the perfect choice for PLC applications.

Robust mechanics, one-piece handling, easy mounting and smart connections save your time in all phases of installation.

Configuration with the AC 800M controller is as easy as can be, since all necessary information is preinstalled with the Compact Control Builder. And, with the GSD file, S800L I/O can be used with any control system.

Furthermore, as S800L I/O is a subset of the comprehensive S800 I/O system with more than 8 million channels installed globally, you enjoy the same full-featured signal interfacing and high availability.

Digital Output Modules

Type Ouput Channels Voltage Part No.
DO801 16 24 VDC 3BSE020510R1
DO802 8 24-230 VAC 3BSE022364R1

Anaolg Output Modules

Type Ouput Channels Current Part No.
AO801 8 0(4)-20mA 3BSE020514R1