G4 Series RTUs

XSeriesG4 Remote Controllers (XRCG4) enable you to monitor, measure, and control your facilities from anywhere, anytime. Combining unmatched measurement technology with next-generation remote control technology, the XRCG4 can significantly extend the life of your equipment while saving you time and money.

Featuring spacious cable routing, large enclosures and powerful battery capacity, the XRCG4 is designed to grow with your business. Upgrades are seamless and simple, so there is no need for costly retraining.

G4 Series RTU Overview

The XRCG4 Series is made up of full-featured units without an integrated Multivariable Transducer (XIMV). In its base configuration, each unit is equipped with standard I/O designed to meet the requirements of many low-cost measurement and automation projects. The base I/O includes five analog inputs (0-10 volts DC), four digital outputs and four digital inputs which can be configured as either status inputs or pulse accumulator inputs.

I/O modules can be added to extend the hardware I/O capability. The XRCG4 6895 accommodates up to 22 TFIO modules. All units except the XRCG4 6895 are powered by an internal battery that can be solar charged (or other suitable DC supply) for remote, unattended operation. Several charging options are available. Communications interface cables and equipment can be installed at the factory, ready for quick installation. Checking and modifying configuration and calibration is accomplished with ABB Totalflow's PCCU32 laptop software, running on a 32-bit Windows® operating system.

Product Description
6490 G4 RTU with max 3 I/O modules, 26 AH battery capacity, smallest box
6790 G4 RTU with max 6 I/O modules, 45 AH battery capacity, medium sized box
6890 G4 RTU with max 14 I/O modules, 140 AH battery capacity, biggest box
6990 XRC Panel Mount RTU with 4 DI/DO's, 5 AI's, 26/30 AH battery capacity