Freelance System

Freelance is ABB’s user-friendly, cost-effective
and robust solution, ideal for all process industries, with the following benefits:
• Easy to use: It is easy to install, learn, engineer,
commission, back-up, maintain and expand.
• Scalable: Projects can start very small with a
few I/O’s and grow to several thousand I/O’s
• Reliable: It is a proven, award-winning and
patented technology providing high reliability
and availability.
• Value for your money: The small footprint and
ability to run on any PC results in savings in
training, installation, engineering and commissioning.
ABB is going to the next big step on the success
story of Freelance. With this new version the
Distributed Control System is more attractive
than ever before for both, new projects and its
huge installed base .
What’s new?
Additional CPU variant for the AC 900F controller
The new Plus version of the CPU, the Processor
Module PM 904F, expands the capabilities of the
Standard version,the Processor Module PM 902F.

It supports up to four (4) Communication Interfaces for PROFIBUS or CAN as well as more application memory. In addition there is a specific
memory reserved for the permanent storage of
variables (cold retain values), that can be used for
e.g. for life time counters or metering data..
Overview of AC 900F Interface – PM 904F
• Four (4) built-in and free configurable Ethernet
ports supporting System bus redundancy,
Modbus TCP/IP, Send & Receive UDP or TCP
and IEC 60870-5-104 Telecontrol protocol
• Two (2) serial ports supporting Modbus RTU/
ASCII or IEC 60870-5-101 Telecontrol protocol
• Four (4) slots for Communication Interfaces:
– PROFIBUS master modules providing
integrated line redundancy
– CAN bus modules for connection to Freelance
Rack I/O
• Direct connection to S700 I/O modules (up to
10). The S700 I/O series provides high density
configurable modules that support a mix of
inputs and outputs and even analog and digital
I/Os in one module for a small footprint.